Working Philosophy

Considering a project?  Maybe a new home or renovation?  Don’t overlook the value of retaining the right design consultant.  We can be the consultant you need.

At gronlund dare partnership . . .


. . . we are design.  Design firms often specialize in certain areas and regrettably pay less attention to others.  At gdp we are first and foremost a design firm.  We aim for the highest design solutions no matter what the character of the project.  But, we never ever ignore all the other aspects of our job.  We use our talent within an overarching philosophy which demands that everything is done properly according to its importance and scale.  We design small basic structures equally as well as complex sophisticated ones; those involving the intangible elements that make a building uniquely masterful.


computer generated architectural model. . . we are attentive.  We understand how important your project is.  Be it big or small, with us, it will be a priority equal to all others.  Regardless of size, scope, or budget, you will always work directly with one or both of gdp’s principals.  We maintain personalized attention from the start to the very finish of your job.  Indeed, we will be there to help even after the last contractor has left.


. . . we are on your side, alwaysThroughout, our job is to be your advocate.  We work to get what you want.  We work to defend what you want and ensure you attain the proper result.  We help ensure your contracts are fair and we supervise the work as a whole.  We work hard to ensure  you get value for what you pay for.


. . . we are problem solversThrough education, training and experience we have the knowledge and creative ability to guide both the design and construction processes.  We problem solve in innovative ways; without ever losing sight of liveability, efficiency, constructability, and cost.


. . . we have the talent to design unique environments.  Creating unique places for each client involves complex analysis and exploration.  Taking the starting point provided by you, our job is to produce both ideas and forms which address the many issues of lifestyle, liveability, and taste.  We excel at developing forms and arrangements others will never consider.  We work hard to create beautiful buildings which house all of the complexity you require.


. . . we keep things clear.  We take the complicated process of design and construction and make it understandable and manageable.  Often people do not realize how complicated and messy construction can be until they are deep within it.  The number and frequency of decisions required can become daunting.  We will be at your side to help make it all manageable.


. . . we keep the big picture in mind.  When you need to focus on specific issues, we attend to all the others, from vetting contractors and reviewing contracts, to ensuring compliance with zoning by-laws and building codes, on down to researching material and component options.


architectural construction detail. . . we help you plan for the future.  Whether it is addressing future lifestyle issues or changes in family structure, we can help you.  When designing, we address long term needs, and where reasonable, devise design strategies to efficiently and economically accommodate them.  Designed flexibility within a scheme allows for future adaptations so that the building remains suitable to your evolving lifestyle.


. . . we produce good investments.  In addition to the pleasure gained by living in a space specifically tailored to your needs, the long term estate value that is gained from a beautiful high quality home or addition is significant.  We have the knowledge to design to your specific needs while also accommodating future flexibility and marketability.  These should not be first order considerations, but we keep them in the mix for you.


. . . we help save you time and moneyYou will easily save more money hiring a good design consultant than the cost of that consultant’s fees.  This is usually true many times over and manifests itself in many different ways.  At gdp, we keep the idea of saving you money in the forefront of our practice.

We are extremely careful:  we take pride in producing exceptionally clear and complete drawings.  These facilitate good design methods and allow for the accurate cost analysis necessary for success.  It is significantly cheaper to make changes and correct mistakes on ‘paper’ than during construction.  Dealing with changes and mistakes is made easy when the drawings are well done in the first place.

Quality drawings and specifications make construction cost-efficient and timely.  In the contrary, drawings that are sloppy, incomplete and with errors, lead to significant cost and time penalties; during the design procedure and worse during construction.


custom roof truss. . . we help reduce stress.  Any project can be a very stressful endeavour. It is our job to make the process clear and manageable.  We work to keep things as straightforward as possible and to keep your needs and goals always at the forefront.  We keep you informed throughout the process and work hard to reduce the noise of complexity so that you can focus on what is important.  Furthermore, as your representatives, above all others, we manage the stressful mediation of the project’s many competing interests.


. . . we are team players.  Your interests (above all others) require that we structure the contributions of all others in a fair and efficient manner.  It is critical, from a financial and design standpoint, to have a well operating team.  Typically, a team includes you along with your designer, other professionals (e.g., structural engineer), contractors and suppliers.  The fairly incorporated input from all parties is a major key to success.


. . . we can help your environment be healthy.  We work hard to create healthy environments.  Dealing with ventilation, control of solar impacts, and the use of human friendly materials should be obvious concerns requiring good solutions.  We also firmly believe that beautiful design contributes to good mental health.


. . . we can help you care about the environment.  The media tends to present “green building and sustainability” as a complicated and highly technological thing.  Nevertheless, for smaller projects, the effective design strategies required to achieve environmentally responsible buildings are actually not that difficult.  A relatively small number of things account for a great number of benefits.  We help our clients make informed decisions in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, and longevity.  We also make responsible choices within the normal course of our practice.