Planning, design, and construction are complex and sometimes confusing activities.  These resources should help shed some light.


A Note on Design

A quick look at the “hard to understand” part of the operation of design.



Many questions arise when contemplating or initiating a project.  Here are a number of common enquires.


FAQ – about contracts

Here are some basic questions about contracts related to design and construction.  We can see contracts as a necessary evil or as a positive protection of everyone involved.  We prefer the latter.


How do I get started?

This download outlines what the beginning stages of a design project are and what to expect of the process.


Design Process Guide
How does the design process work?  Download this document which gives a detailed account of the stages proper to any design process.


Residential Program Checklist

Often, when planning a new home, a simple questionnaire can help you define and document the information on your “wish list”.  Download our checklist here.  architecture architect