The devil is in the details.

Details are about joints:  how elements are put together . . . how different materials meet . . . how extended material is terminated . . . how one material is used to enclose or finish another . . .

Details are about contact:  how materials contact each other. . . how differences between materials are accommodated . . . how surfaces change their use, shape, or function . . . how things house other things . . . how elements are layered . . . how things like heat and moisture are controlled across points of contact . . .

Details are about controlling our environment:  how materials accommodate human movement and touch . . . how we design material changes to protect us from roughness, hardness, and coldness . . . how we soften the corners . . . how we frame the view . . . how structure is revealed . . . how the refined small stuff is placed to accommodate our way of living . . .


Details are fundamencustom modern housetal.  A lot of detail is about how we control the human-building interface.  But, it is through details that we also keep the building out of your way:  by their absence, they help make space.


Details govern construction:  at all scales and are critical for items which are ultimately hidden from view as much as for items which are front and centre to our experience.  They determine how building components are to be put together, and how finishing materials are used to their intended effect.

Designing details is critical to everything: the operation which regulates the level of control we exercise over the larger over-all design.  During design, working up detailing solutions is when abstraction meets the imposing nature of the real.  Ultimately, even at the smallest scale, details are what holds everything else together.  They are the glue.

modern cabinetry detail





At gdp we know how important good detailing is.  We take special care to ensure that construction detailing is given as much care as any of the larger scale elements of a design.


custom designed house detailmodern house design

custom house detail